Salt stone sauna of temperature of 70°C and humidity of 25%. In the ancient times, salt was considered a natural specific that has healing properties. When in the sauna, we absorb the minerals found in salt such as iodine, calcium or magnesium. These elements play an important role in the throat, larynx, bronchi and lung inflammation prophylaxis and allergy prophylaxis.
Here, sauna masters offer a unique session – the Sounds of the Soul. It is a meditation session accompanied by the sounds of traditional Tibetan bowls. The history of sound bowls has thousands of years.
This session, thanks to the sounds that reach our body and mind, provides quick relaxation by reducing physical and emotional tension among others thanks to the relaxation of nervous system and the slowdown of the brain waves frequency. During the session, we can relax in the sauna while the sounds envelop our body and permeate through it. The Tibetan bowls are ancient instruments used to treat the sick, make contact with gods, increase human intuition, rejuvenate the body and transfer life energy. In the recent years they have been more and more frequently used when treating anxiety, as a tool that helps in relaxation.

Timetable of sauna sessions