A unique, oriental massage performed by an Egyptian. It uses old techniques massaging literally from head to toe. This massage not only relaxes, but has a beneficial effect on the state of bones, muscles and skin, it revitalises the body alleviating such ailments as insomnia, joint pain or migraines.

 60 minutes - PLN 235


Oriental relaxing massage performed with bamboo sticks rolled on the body. It is especially recommended for tired and tense muscles. During bamboo massage we can enjoy deep relaxation and removal of tensions. The bamboo sticks used during this massage have beneficial influence of the blood and lymph circulation, thus improving the drainage and tissue regeneration. It is especially recommended for issues with cellulite. The silicon-rich bamboo sticks are natural piezoelectrics that thanks to rubbing and rolling generate electric potential.

50 minutes - PLN 235


Lomi is an exceptional massage of ancient traditions and roots originating from Hawaii. A unique treatment that helps you restore balance between body, mind and soul. Lomi Lomi is not only a physical massage. It also deeply influences the mental state. What is characteristic for this technique is massage with the use of forearms and dancing graceful moves – as a result, the massage is exceptionally harmonious and beautiful. It has a relaxing effect, it improves blood circulation and stabilization of nervous system.

60 minutes - PLN 240