Bath in goats milk with rose petals. The ruler of Egypt enjoyed such baths regularly that is why till this day she is the symbol of beauty. The skin is moisturised, well-nourished and rejuvenated thanks to milk proteins and sea collagen. The bath influences the senses and caresses your skin giving it a rejuvenating glow and delicacy. For each bath the guest is served a glass of chilled Champagne.

30 minutes -PLN 150 per person   |   PLN 200 per pair


Aromatic, nourishing bath that combines the benefits of a visit at a beautician, aromatherapy and SPA. It will soothe our mind, alleviate the stress at the same time moisturising our body, regenerating our skin and even taking care of the cellulite. Indulge in a relaxing time in a bathtub full of summer fruits, flowers and spices. For each bath the guest is served a glass of refreshing fruit juice.

30 minutes - PLN 110 per person   |   PLN 1600 per pair



  • When purchasing the massage only, without the use of Thermal Baths, please be aware that additional PLN 15 will be charged for the use of cloakroom, towels and shower. This option is possible only in case of massages. Hammam treatments, baths and treatments in steam baths are performed in special parlours located in Roman Baths, which is associated with the purchase of guess pass.
  • We do not stop the time of stay in the Baths during massage, treatments and baths.