Mud bath combines the four elements: water, fire, earth and air in one exceptional experience for the body and the soul. The Rasul ceremony is a mud massage of different colours and granulations and a bath in the humid air of the steam sauna, thanks to which the dead skin cells will be removed and the subcutaneous tissue will be strengthened. The baths have two mud baths – for two and for four persons.

30 minutes - PLN 100 per person   |   PLN 150 per pair


Peat is a natural healing material and a component of SPA treatments. The peat treatment is about steady overheating of the body and the healthy effect of the organic components found in peat. The most important components are humic acids that during treatment penetrate the skin reaching the body. Peat not only heals the skin but also treats it, has a moisturising effect that visibly smooths the skin.

30 minutes - PLN 70 per person  |   PLN 110 per pair


A cleansing treatment with the use of chalk sourced from a Baltic island of Rügen. The chalk is rich in silica and mineral salts thanks to which it positively influences the cell metabolism and improves the mineralisation of the whole body.

30 minutes - PLN 70 per person   |   PLN 110 per pair


Two wondrous peels – one on the basis of brown sugar with coffee and chocolate and the other on the basis of salt with a pinch of Alpine herbs. This wonderful body and soul rejuvenation can be experienced in specially designed steam baths. The perfect result of the treatment will be smooth and perfectly cleansed skin and the wonderful feeling of relaxation.

30 minutes - PLN 29 per person   |   PLN 49 per pair


Exclusive care of hands or feet that includes smoothing peel, relaxing massage and nourishing mask. Smoothing and moisturising effect.

approx. 40 minutes - PLN 120


Two-stage treatment consisting of whole-body peel and an hourly chocolate massage. The treatment intensely cleanses the skin and has antioxidant effect that slows down the ageing of the skin

approx. 75 minutes - PLN 220


Deeply moisturising treatment based on natural ingredients. The treatment consists of a massage (40 minutes) with the use of green tea extract essential oil and moisturising mask. It instantly improves the state of the skin, deeply moisturises and improves the firmness of the skin.

approx. 60 minutes - PLN 165


Three-stage care treatment including whole-body peel, mummy treatment and coconut massage lasting 30 minutes. Especially recommended for dry and feeble skin. The treatment visibly rejuvenates the skin that becomes stronger and more elastic. All of that being surrounded by the sweet scent of a coconut.

approx. 90 minutes -PLN 240


Three-stage treatment consisting of whole-body peel, intense massage and firming mask. The treatment visibly smooths the surface of the skin, provides it with necessary elements and minerals and has anti-oxidant properties.

approx. 60 minutes - PLN 160


The treatment has its origins in the culture of ancient Egypt. It is a peel on the basis of milk, honey and coconut. The queen Cleopatra herself was using it thanks to which she was able to maintain her beauty and youth for years. After the treatment you feel more beautiful, younger and relaxed and the skin will be rid of dead epidermis and will become rejuvenated and smooth.

approx. 40 minutes -PLN 100