Two-stage treatment consisting of whole-body peel and an hourly chocolate massage. The treatment intensely cleanses the skin and has antioxidant effect that slows down the ageing of the skin.

75 min - 290 PLN


Three-stage care treatment including whole-body peel, mummy treatment and coconut massage lasting 30 minutes. Especially recommended for dry and feeble skin. The treatment visibly rejuvenates the skin that becomes stronger and more elastic. All of that being surrounded by the sweet scent of a coconut.

90 min - 300 PLN


Deeply moisturising treatment based on natural ingredients. The treatment consists of a massage (45 minutes) with the use of green tea extract essential oil and moisturising mask. It instantly improves the state of the skin, deeply moisturises and improves the firmness of the skin.

60 min - 240 PLN


Peat has a firming, moisturizing and regenerating effect. Treatments with its use are ideal for smoothing and firming the skin and reducing cellulite. Peat also has a healing effect - it reduces pain and soothes joint ailments. For better penetration of active substances, the peat poultice is preceded by a herbal scrub.

45 min - 135 PLN


An extremally stress-releasing and relaxing treatment. It allows you to get away from reality for 1.5 hour. It consists of an hour-long full body massage with Shea butter together with a face and scalp massage.

90 min - 370 PLN


A treatment that illuminates and rejuvenates the skin. The skin is deeply oxygenated and energized. It consists of citrus scrub and massage with warm citrus oil.

60 min - 220 PLN


A treatment dedicated to demanding male skin. During the whole time, it is accompanied by the aromatic, woody scent of cedar. It consists of fine-grained herbal scrub and a classic massage with aromatic oil.

75 min - 275 PLN


Three-stage treatment consisting of whole-body peel, intense massage and firming mask. The treatment visibly smooths the surface of the skin, provides it with necessary elements and minerals and has anti-oxidant properties.

70 min - 220 PLN


The treatment has its origins in the culture of ancient Egypt. It is a peel on the basis of milk, honey and coconut. The queen Cleopatra herself was using it thanks to which she was able to maintain her beauty and youth for years. After the treatment you feel more beautiful, younger and relaxed and the skin will be rid of dead epidermis and will become rejuvenated and smooth.

40 min - 135 PLN